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As a Community Development Entity (CDE), PB Community Impact Fund is able to utilize New Markets Tax Credits to incentivize private equity to invest in economically underserved and disadvantaged communities throughout our service area. 

PBCIF’s service area includes:

  • Mississippi

  • Alabama

  • Louisiana

  • Arkansas


By partnering with qualified businesses, investors, economic development professionals, as well as other CDEs, PBCIF is able to create maximum impact with the NMTC allocations it receives.  Our number one goal is to create opportunities for quality, sustainable jobs for the citizens of the areas we serve.  Strong jobs, we believe, are the catalyst for economic strength and stability.


Our focus is to create meaningful impact by allocating NMTCs, through the use of flexible financing features, to industrial, manufacturing, mixed-use, healthy food, and community facility projects in our service area.  NMTCs are a wonderful and creative vehicle to bring outside investment dollars into the distressed areas that need it the most. PBCIF is excited to add to the already extensive lending activities of its parent, Peoples Bank.




NMTC allocation dollars are limited.  As such, not all businesses qualify.  To qualify for a NMTC allocation, a business must meet a few requirements.  While the items below are not all-inclusive, they should provide a framework for determining if your project might be considered.

  • The project must be located within a qualifying census tract.  The CDFI Fund has established guidelines to determine which census tracts qualify based on their relative median income or poverty level.  Please contact us directly and we will assist you in determining if your business is located within a qualified tract.

  • The project size generally needs to be at least $5 million to be an acceptable candidate for a NMTC allocation.  We can help you sort through what costs can be included in a project.

  • The project must be able to demonstrate that it will provide a meaningful impact to its community by providing jobs and/or services to low-income communities.

  • The project must be able to demonstrate that it would not be able to move forward without the use of a NMTC allocation.  We can help you determine if this is true for your project.


There are additional requirements and expectations that are a part of participating in a NMTC transaction.  We can help you navigate the ins and outs of determining if a NMTC loan is right for your business.

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