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Industry: Industrial

Total Project Costs - $3,800,000

PBCIF NMTC Allocation - $3,150,000

Closing Date - 5/12/2022

PB Community Impact Fund provided a $3.6 million New Market Tax Credit enhanced loan to Consolidated Catfish Producers to refinance high-interest debt that was burdening its operations. Consolidated Catfish Producers in a Mississippi based company that was founded in 1967 and provides consumers with fresh quality fish products. 


Consolidated Catfish Producers in the largest employer in Humphreys County, MS as well as the surrounding rural counties. Humphreys County along with the surrounding counties are classified as persistent poverty counties by the USDA, meaning that they have had a poverty rate in excess of 20% for the past 30-years.


The loan provided by PB Community Impact Fund enabled Consolidated Catfish Producers to expand its operations in Isola, MS by roughly 20%. As part of this expansion, Consolidated Catfish Producers is implementing programs designed to strategically improve the surrounding community college programs to attract higher paying local job applicants. Additionally, Consolidated Catfish Producers works with local halfway houses to provide recently released prison inmates with job opportunities to help them get back on their feet. Consolidated Catfish Producers also provides employees with a benefit package that includes medical insurance, pension benefit, life insurance, and disability insurance.


  • Non-Metropolitan

  • Poverty Rate: 40.70%

  • Median Family Income: 65.96%

  • Unemployment Rate: 3.07x the National Unemployment Rate

  • Delta Regional Authority Distressed County



  • Job Impacts

    • 420 Jobs Created and Retained

    • 100% Living Wage Jobs (Average Wage of $13.00 Per Hour)

    • 90% of Jobs Held by Local Residents

    • 80% of Positions are Accessible to Persons with a High School Degree or Less

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