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Industry: Healthcare

Total Project Costs - $4,000,000

PBCIF NMTC Allocation - $3,600,000

Closing Date - 5/12/2022

PB Community Impact Fund provided a $3.6 million New Market Tax Credit enhanced loan to Williams Medical Clinic, Inc. to finance working capital that enabled Williams Medical Clinic to expand its business and continue delivering high-quality medical care in an impoverished rural county. Williams Medical Clinic is a medical practice group that specializes in nursing and emergency medicine. Williams Medical Clinic provides substantially all of its care to minorities, low-income persons, and residents of Marshall County, MS. 


Williams Medical Clinic is located in Marshall County, MS, which is classified as a persistent poverty county by the USDA meaning that it has had a poverty rate in excess of 20% for the past 30-years. Additionally, according to the 2022 County Health Rankings Report Marshall County MS is in the bottom third of Mississippi counties for health outcomes, primarily due to a lack of access to healthcare and high rates of poverty.   


Being one of the few medical clinics accessible to residents of Holly Springs, MS, the financing provided by PB Community Impact Fund helps to address these challenges head on. Prior to funding the New Market Tax Credit enhanced loan, Williams Medical Clinic was burdened with high cost debt that limited its ability to meet the medical needs of the impoverished rural community. 


By providing the low-cost New Market Tax Credit enhanced loan, Williams Medical Clinic’s cost of capital was significantly reduced and they are able to divert more resources toward providing quality medical care.


  • Non-Metropolitan

  • Poverty Rate: 40.90%

  • Median Family Income: 52.11%

  • Unemployment Rate: 1.36x the National Unemployment Rate

  • HRSA Designated Medically Underserved Area


  • Healthcare Impacts

    • 6,847 Patients Served

    • 80% of Patients are Considered Low-Income

    • 67% of Patients Live Within Scott County, MS

  • Job Impacts

    • 25 Jobs Created and Retained

    • 73% Living Wage Jobs (Average Wage of $13.43 Per Hour)

    • 90% of Jobs Held by Residents of Marshall County, MS

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